Yet Another Winner for the Design Crack Email Newsletter Contest!

Whether you realized this or not, if you signed up for an email newsletter, you were entered to win a prize from Design Crack. Our first winner received her gift about two months ago, and I was thrilled to give out the prize which was a funky matchbook designed originally by Tobias Wong.

We have now reached 100 newsletters (thank you!). Our second winner has not contacted me yet, but the first four letters of his or her email is “dage”. So if you are this person, and you received a personal email from me in the past couple of days come forward to claim your prize. After midnight on Tuesday, I will pick a new winner. To see what you get, check out this link. No, you don’t get the awesome laptop case, that’s coming up at 500. But you do get one of three prizes, your choice.

Thanks again!

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