Where Do You Shop?

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I need your input. I’m starting a new category on Design Crack called Great Shops. The theme is pretty simple: I will feature one or two shops each week in San Francisco that contain well designed stuff. But where do people like to shop for beautiful objects in other parts of the world?

As an incentive, I’m asking 100 people to tell me about their favorite shops. Once Design Crack reaches 100 reader submitted shops, I will choose one kind submitter at random to receive a $100 gift certificate to the shop of his or her choice.

The only rules are that the shop not be in San Francisco, and that the shop have an address and a website which you will provide. You can enter as often as you like. Also, please tell me why you like the shop and what makes it special. Email me at brandon@designcrack.com, or just click on the huge button above.

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