What would the perfect bicycle look like? The Low Rider by Ben Wilson Design, Maybe

Low Rider by Ben Wilson Design

I think I put a placeholder for this post in my queue about 8 months ago, and I just today got around to putting this up online. What immediately struck me is how I can use this blog as my own personal style gauge. 8 months ago, I was really into looking at low rider bicycles because I really wanted to buy one. Today, I just think they look sort of silly. This particular low rider by Ben Wilson Design, for instance, is maybe just a bit over the top in the way it has tweaked out this bicycle. The craftsmanship is superb. Every piece of the frame and the seat is custom made and meticulously fabricated. However, what you end up in the end with is something that looks like a drawing I did in 5th grade when thought to myself, “What would the perfect bicycle look like?”. I really wish I felt like I did back then, though. Goodbye trend that I will never revisit. You were like the mullet I had when I was twelve years old. Back then, I was not afraid to test the limits of my style and be unashamed. Now potential embarrassment has taken its foothold.

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