What Would a Chandelier Look Like if Were Overtaken by Spiders?

Zepplin Pendant Chandelier by Marcel Wanders for Flos

Marcel Wanders, uber designer of the past five years, has created this recent addition to the stable of fantastic, high-concept lights for Flos.  The concept is to take an old school chandelier and treat it as it were in a haunted house with some overzealous spiders which had made the most lethal web imaginable. The result is a lamp tightly wrapped with a thin, white fiber that, I’m assuming in Marcel Wander’s opinion, looks a bit like a Zeppelin which is the name he gave the piece. From the image I’ve shown, I don’t see it, but explore its profile and, in fact, you have a Zeppelin. As witty as Mr. Wanders is with his designs I’m surprised he has not come out with the much heavier limited edition which he might call the “Lead Zeppelin”. Just a thought.

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