We’re Taping a Podcast This Friday

Federal Building- San Francisco, CA: A building by Morphosis and Thom Mayne Arcjitects

The Design Crack Podcast numbers three and four will be taped on Friday. We’re covering a number of topics not the least is Morphosis’ new Federal Building here in San Francisco. Is it glorious or a monstrosity, or a glorious monstrosity? We’ll talk about our visceral reactions, as well as anything else we come up with, Friday.

Maybe you didn’t realize that Design Crack had podcasts. Maybe you don’t care. Whatever. We have two. We’re doing two more Friday evening. We would kill for some reader input. If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, however incensed, please leave a comment on the blog and Ann (my current co-host) and I will discuss.

Write us!

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