Well Designed Gifts for a Tight Budget

Let’s be frank. Times are tight. I just listened to a radio news report detailing that American consumers have spent all they can spend on high end goods and are now sticking with the basics. But, nothing says I love you better than a well designed gift, right? You could make a gift yourself which is always a fabulous option, or you could go to check out a few of Design Public’s affordable gems. (Let’s not beat around the bush: they’re sponsors! But, you have to love their strong curatorial vision of high quality low cost design). Here we go!

Flowie Saki Coin Purse - Blue & Gray ($11)Flowie Saki Coin Purse – Blue & GrayFlowie was founded by textile designer Yaling Hou, born out of her passion for textile designs, and her appreciation for stylish yet personal objects. Launched in 2007, Flowie designs and manufactures refreshing fabrics, bags, home accessories and other fashion accessories. All the fabrics (linen or cotton) are hand screen printed, and sewn locally in the California Bay Area.Keep your loose change or keys in this petite purse! Fully lined.

Lotta Jansdotter Redig Coasters in Aqua - Set of 2 ($18)Lotta Jansdotter Redig Coasters in Aqua – Set of 2As a child, Lotta Jansdotter divided her time between her grandmother’s island home on Aland Finland where Lotta was born and the city of Stockholm Sweden where she grew up. These early experiences of Lotta’s Scandinavian culture, however diverse in atmosphere, helped shape and inspire Lotta. Lotta has both a deep appreciation for nature’s limitless beauty and a love for modern urban style. The balance between these two worlds is unequivocally present in Lotta’s contemporary organic designs.She launched her company out of her small San Francisco apartment in 1996, quickly establishing a strong local following. Now she works from her studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Fauna Terrier Pillow ($28)Fauna Terrier Pillow

Rustic is the new black-leather-and-chrome! It’s true–the newest last word in modernism and best way to show that you’re on the cutting edge of design is with animal-printed pillows and T-shirts from Fauna. And by “animal-printed,” we don’t mean zebra-striped and leopard-spotted; we mean actually displaying zebras and leopards, among many other animals, in sepia-flavored prints. Everything’s printed by hand, the T-shirts are soft, and the pillows are interestingly shaped. Fauna: bringing the outside in in a brand-new way.Want to know more? View Cool Hunting’s profile of Salvor designer Ross Meneuz.

Flensted Mobiles Swallow Mobile ($28)Flensted Mobiles Swallow Mobile

On the island of Funen in Denmark, Flensted Mobiles, a family business, designs and makes mobiles that cover all facets of life. Relax, sit and watch the slow motion of a beautifully designed mobile enliven your space.

Innermost Half Pint Glasses - set of 2 ($32)Innermost Half Pint Glasses – set of 2

Innermost Ltd. stands firmly at the top of the homewares design curve, creating tabletop items and lighting fixtures as innovative as they are practical. Their signature Ghost collection, is the perfect expression of minimalist baroque—a décor genre defined by 21st-century materials and glam styling. As their collection grows, Innermost products remain fresh, fabulous and always surprising.Double-walled half-pint glasses keep beer, water, or juice cold, and tea and other hot beverages warm. Sold as a set of 2 in a gift box. A great gift for anyone on your list!

notNeutral Season Set of 4 - Rimmed Bowls ($48)notNeutral Season Set of 4 – Rimmed Bowls

The offerings from notNeutral are, as it says on the box, not neutral. Their bold, graphic look is excellent for anywhere you want to add some uncommon interest to your decorating, from the nursery to the living room to the dining room.

Lotta Jansdotter Tang Tote - Brown Lotta Jansdotter Tang Tote – Brown

‘It’ bags are so overrated. By the time you have scraped enough pennies together to actually buy one there’s another ‘It’ bag to be had. Let’s not even talk about that one time someone had the gall to ask you if ‘It’ was real. So let’s start a new trend shall we? Lets start carrying screen printed totes and whimsically embroidered makeup bags by Lotta Jansdotter instead. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors there’s destined to be a Lotta bag that speaks to you. And that will say loads more about your personality than some bag-of-the-month.

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