W’Duck: A Restaurant Whose Mind Is In The Toilet

W'Duck: A Restaurant in Portugal That Will Send You to the Bathroom

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W’Duck is more than just a noise you make when you slip into a bath tub. It’s also a restaurant in Portugal that has boldly chosen their theme to be a huge bathroom. The restaurant owners did not chince out when they went for this theme, either. You want to eat dinner while bathing in the tub? You can do this. You want to sit at one of the mainy tables whose chairs are actually toilets? Well, you can do this too. I’m almost 100% sure you cannot actually use the toilets for their intended purpose, but I think I would call in advance about this.

This restaurant, for some reason, reminds me of a friend of mine who used to live with a famous gay porn director named Bob Jones. You may know him from such classics as Batter Up or Dildo Boot Pigs. My buddy, let’s call him K, thought it would be a thrill to live in Bob’s house. He’s gay, and, at the time, young, so when he moved in I think he was there for the thrill and maybe pick up a guy or two. Well, it turned out that Kevin had not embraced some of the aspects of Bob’s fetishes such as the monthly pee parties (P.P., for short). Pee parties are exactly what they sound like. My friend soon moved out not long after the first pee party. So, when I saw this interior, I thought if Bob Jones and a number of his friends ever make it to Portugal, they should definitely rent out this place and pee to their heart’s content. Ugh!

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