WAT Design

I started to write this little blurb back in 2006, and I just never got around to it. It’s a bit of a shame, really. Because, Wat is just so cool. The design studio was founded by two graduates of the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven. Jan Habraken and Maarten Baptist started in 2002 with great promise, and their studio has lived up to this. I’m just going to briefly mention three of my favorite designs:


Here’s a display booth from the mailing and logistics company, TNT. Since I’ve recently just attended one of the most boring conferences ever conceived, the Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference, I have new found respect for the freshness, and joy that a booth can bring to a drab convention floor. I imagine this setup might make potential customers think twice about switching their mailing firm.


This chair project struck me as a chair that really pays attention to it’s user. This is exactly how I would like my chair to be shaped when I’m at home. I tend to drape my right arm over the arm of the chair and sort of lounge with my legs kicked up on the chair (my preferred movie watching position). This chair does such a better job of understanding how I sit, and it’s not afraid to be asymmetrical and lovely while doing it.


Finally, any lover of subway graphics would love this hat rack… or at least that’s what I think it looks like. It’s simple, but its iconography is strong.

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