Vintage Ivory by Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons

Vintage Ivory Necklace

Vintage Ivory Necklace

Object: Vintage Ivory Necklace

Designer: Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons


Category: Fashion

Price: $email B.S. and P.S. for price
Lust Factor: Hot

Description: One of the tasks I’ve assigned myself is to explore the Brooklyn design scene over the next few weeks.

This is one of my favorite finds so far. Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons is a store with the well-to-do goth in mind. The store and the website are reminiscent of my own San Francisco’s Paxton Gate, however the focus is on jewelry where PG is taxidermy and gardening (huh?). The item I’ve included is a repurposed piano key that has been augmented into a necklace. Scrimshaw holds a warm place in my heart, so this object was a no brainer to include. I believe equally important to Black Sheep is their buying experience. The packaging is creepy, and meticulously made, and I really appreciate the attention to detail.

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