USB Concepts by dialog05

datalock- USB Concepts by dialog05

USB Concepts by dialog05 mixes conceptual art, USB technology, and hint of iPod sensibility. The concept are pretty straightforward: take some USB memory and wrap something visually challenging around the device. Then, finish off the device with the cute, blue USB universal icon for credibility. There are a number of concepts that dialog05 has created. I’ve chosen three that resonate with me. The first, above, is a USB in the shape of a lock. Besides being a brilliant way to secure data in a physical rather than digital manner, it also announces the importance of the data within the lock clasp.
data injection- USB Concepts by dialog05

Above, a syringe meets USB memory implicating data as a drug. Lord knows I consume it like a drug.

eternal love- USB Concepts by dialog05

Finally, data merges with wedding ring. This somehow has a strange appeal for me because I’d imagine new rituals being created around the data and the ring. One beautiful and compelling sentiment could be that the USB contains documents of the most important memories that the couple shared. Over the course of the marriage, the rings can grow with documents as the couple grows. If the marriage hits a rough patch, the couple could simply pull off their ring, pop it into their computer, and relive those most cherished moments as a way to augment their memories.

All three of these concept have broad and very useful implications, and I hope in the near future that dialog05 consider manufacturing their very clever devices. I know I would buy one.

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