UM Carry by Josh Jakus

UM Carry by Josh Jakus available at

This weekend in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, there was this thing called the Capsule street sale. Capsule hosted probably 200 vendors of what I might call “crafty” design. The majority of the work was pretty competent, but honestly, I was hoping for some more innovative products out of the deal. Imagine, if you dare, several thousand beautiful women in their mid twenties to late thirties with their boyfriends or girlfriends in tow all in tight dark denim circa 1982 with cute sneakers and lots of hand made accessories enveloping their bodies. They might have just called this event the “ETSY Convention-NO BOYS ALLOWED”. Fortunately for me, men were allowed and were not required to wear blindfolds because the place was a feast for the eyes. I’ll talk about the UM Carry in a second, but before I do, let me mention the overwhelming trend for all crafty clothing: Thou shalt put screen prints of animal silhouettes on each thing you make! I feel like this must be in some bible unknown to me that I follow, but have no idea why. Every damn thing sold by each of these two hundred vendors has to have a deer, or a rabbit, or a lamb, or a turtle in either bright green, red, pink, brown, or sky blue on it to be sold at this fair. So, when I spotted the UM Carry by Josh Jakus, I felt like I had just entered an oasis of simplicity. The bag is nothing more than two layers of heavy wool felt given structure by a zipper and a well thought-out fabric pattern. The bag is soft, gray, and sans screen prints. It’s perfection in its elegant calmness and needed to win an award for the standout product at the Capsule fair.

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