UCLA Design | Media Arts

UCLA Design | Media Arts

“The influence of technology and scientific innovation is profoundly changing how we express ourselves. Media Arts is a new field that represents the exciting convergence of technology with the established design discipline. The Design | Media Arts program at UCLA offers a comprehensive approach to design that encourages innovation by students. The faculty in this program seek to provide students with the creative, artistic, and intellectual foundation upon which they can build their contributions to this dynamic field.

The Department of Design | Media Arts is committed to educating responsible designers and artists for the information age by teaching the fundamentals of Design, Media, and the Arts, and encouraging experimentation and innovation. Providing an extensive education in Design and Media Arts practice, history and criticism, the department fosters a critical and creative exploration of emerging forms of visual communication, typographies, interaction and interface design, ubiquitous computing, virtual environments, information spaces, networked agents and all other pertinent areas of research.

The School of Arts and Architecture

The School of the Arts and Architecture at UCLA is dedicated to training exceptional artists, performers, architects and scholars who are enriched by a global view of arts and prepared to serve as cultural leaders of the 21st century. Graduate degree programs are offered in the Departments of Architecture and Urban Design, Art, Design | Media Arts, Ethnomusicology, Music, and World Arts and Cultures. The School’s unique curriculum interweaves work in performance, studio and research studies, providing students with a solid creative, artistic and intellectual foundation.

World-class faculty provide a depth of expertise and achievement that supports the most ambitious vision a student can bring to the campus. To enrich their coursework students have access to outstanding art collections, exhibitions and performing arts presentations through the School’s internationally acclaimed public arts institutions. The UCLA Hammer Museum presents art ranging from Impressionism to Contemporary and the UCLA Fowler Museum features material culture and art from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. UCLA Live, one of the nation’s premiere arts presenters, brings more than 100 leading performers to the campus each year featuring programs of dance, jazz, world music, blues, international theater, spoken word, classical and popular music.” – Design | Media Arts

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