Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-30

  • This watering can is beautiful and clever and completely useless. You be the judge. #
  • I rarely cover fashion these days, but this is one this skirt is one for the ages. It's classic yet fresh #
  • This artwork called Temptation is truly tempting… More so even for twelve year old boys, I'd think… #
  • Here's some wallpaper that is so incredible that if I were to put it in my house I would have to upgrade all my furniture #
  • The Dutch alway come up with witty titles for their accessories. If anyone can decipher this title for me they get $1 #
  • Damn, now Diesel has a fixie? I'm waiting for the Louis Vuiton fixie… That one I'd buy! #
  • I think I've discover my favorite new kitchen tool this waffle iron makes some tasty looking dodads #
  • Folks: I give you the dog dung vacuum. #
  • Rattan and powder coated steel wire just doesn't hit me right aesthetically. Still, there's something about this chair. #
  • A rethinking of pen caps is a genius idea. This device is perfect for people who eat at their desk. #
  • This looks really unassuming but the technology is spectacularly cool: a lightweight plywood tube. #
  • Jewelry for people who like to Wear horn rimmed glasses and wear black turtlenecks? Maybe. You be the judge. #

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