Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • Fortune cookie scarves? could be cool… #
  • Finally, an easy way to make iPhone apps… I haven't tried it yet but this may be something I do tonight #
  • Could this be the future of consumerism? My initial thought is yes, which could be very exciting #
  • Facebook friends I'm testing a new twitter tool so I may accidentally double post for a couple days. #
  • For the geography buffs what country is the world's longest canal tunnel in? submit answers before you look. #
  • An inspiring design to help the blind read text anywhere in the fly. #
  • Here's an example of a graphic designer run amok. This guy has lost sight of the 3 year old consumer in the house #
  • For those interior designer rattan haters out there I give you a moooi lamp beyond reproach #
  • Umm…someone tell me who would pay 12k for an iPhone app? This company ranks up there with stupid Vertu phones #
  • What do French artists do when living in India? Make great graffiti! Pock & Rock!!! #
  • A thoughtful and clever response to an airport X-ray scan. #
  • For you all out there who can't get enough bacon here is a bacon scented candle #
  • Here a really beautiful arabesque shutter #
  • Because rapid prototyping let's you make a shoe with planes jutting out at odd angles, I say why not? #
  • Again, the Tron chair is born from a 3D printer run amok in my estimation. Initial knee jerk reaction though. #
  • This exhibit gives me pause for thought about how colorblind people must see the world. ingenious and beautiful #
  • Something scares me about a cycling robot serving me food #
  • The dutch or so damn clever… #

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