Tuesday Props: 20ltd

20ltd ted noten handbag

20ltd is a link that someone sent to me, and I’ve been very impressed with the site. Essentially, 20ltd has taken the concept of Design Crack and turned it into a retail business, which, I would like to add, is much more difficult and riskier than simply talking about design. So, 20ltd, I give you props. The concept of the site, to be more specific, is to take twenty items from well known designers that have been curated for their exceptional uniqueness, and offer these items on the 20ltd website for those daring enough to pay the price. Although I will never own one of Ted Noten’s strange purses (shown above) because it’s unattainable for me, I do like to look at well designed objects such as this, and the 20ltd website offers close inspection of their objects. (That was quite a run-on sentence!) At any rate, if you are a design addict like myself then I urge you to browse this site. You’ll find items like the exceptionally rich Henk suitcase which I’ve covered in the past, and a number of items that I will shortly tackle after visiting this awesome site.

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