Thursday Props: Tak Brand Pushpins

Tak Brand Pushpins

I’ve still got a large number of articles that people have sent me that have literally been waiting in my draft box for months . This is another reader submission hawking his extremely cool pushpin called TAK. Yes, I said pushpin. No, I’m not on crack. I really have to respect this innovation seeing as I also design modest inventions such as the Beer Holster (I’ll save that for a later post). First the design of the pushpin is basically two pins with a bit of a gap in the center. Sounds simple enough. But what it does is so much more efficient than a typical pushpin. Now, you can do things like easily secure a string or a cord between the two pins. That was impossible with the old pushpin. Also, having two pins pressed through a paper instead of one means the paper will not move around like it would with one pin. Even the shape of this pushpin is pretty handy. And to top it off, they don’t have an ugly or boring website. It’s fun and amusing. Thanks for the share!

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