Thursday Props: Graphic Define Magazine

Graphic Define Magazine

This reader submission was sent in from Dan. He wanted me and the world of Design Crack know about GraphicDefine Magazine. My first impression of the magazine is it has some really handy articles when it comes to running a graphic design practice or a creative practice in general. I really commend this small publication for going for it and making such a useful publication for professional practice because, quite frankly, there is nothing out there really like it. It’s sort of covers what creatives do when their not being “creative”. That’s not exactly true, but that is an easy way to sort of wrap my head around the publication.

There is one thing I would change about the publication, though. The pages are too sparse without pictures. There really is no visual cue as to what the article is going to be about. I know, I know. The tagline should be enough, right? For whatever reason, text does not slow down my scanning of a page enough for me to care. Anyway, my publication is no spring chicken either. Design Crack is due for a good redesign, so if any readers out there can pitch in, I’m game.

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