Thursday Props: Dutch by Design

Storyline: a black metal shelf available at

A reader sent me this link some time ago, and I’m embarrassed that I’ve not published this yet. It’s a link to DutchByDesign, a very well curated online design shop. I’ve actually visited the site many times looking for just the right gifts. This site has something for everyone… that is, something for everyone who likes Dutch design. I find the Dutch Designers that I’m familiar with at least to be witty and fun, and they always seem to create a narrative with their design objects outside of its primary function.

I’ve included one image from the Dutch By Design collection called Storyline. It’s a bookshelf that has taken the form of an abstracted sound wave. The designer created the piece in the exploration of the forms words make when they are spoken from a book. The form of this book shelf shown above is for the word “Bliss”. Due to the nature of the designer’s language, I’m speculating that the designer would probably not be able to create book shelves in his native Dutch unless he wanted a shelf that was twelve feet long. Anyway! Once the aluminum shape is created the piece is anodized and there you are.

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