The Unbelievers Skateboard Decks

The Unbelievers Skateboard Deck

Object: The Unbelievers Skateboard Decks

Manufacturer: The Unbelievers


Category: Sports and Recreation

Price: $50-100

Lust Factor: Hot

Description: The Unbelievers Decks are fantastic. Why? Because I said so. I may get a lot of flack from skateboarders, but to me, all skateboards are made the same. It’s only the quality of the artist that makes the difference between good decks and great decks. Jeremy Fish, in my estimation, is of the highest quality of artists. So, fuck it. If you are going to buy a board buy a deck designed by some one that is in the ranks of Pusshead(another one of my favorites from the Zorlac days).

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