The Sleeping Light by Andi Kovel

The Sleeping Light by Andi Kovel available at Branch

If I feature two bird lamps on the site, does that make it a trend? Probably not, but I like bird lights, so there you are. The first one I featured was several months ago. It was called the Pigeon Light, and it was made by Qubus. It’s made in plastic, and I’ve seen it in a few shops at a reasonable price. This light I’m featuring today is called the Sleeping Light because the glass bird, which the lamp is made from, is “sleeping”. That sounds like an apt name compared to what I had originally thought for a title: “Dead Bird Light”. The sleeping light is cute in title and in form. It’s made from recycled bottle glass which is formed in a kiln powered by the wind, for you greenophiles. The glass bird, although lying on its back, is quite beautiful in the way it glows from it’s 25 watt bulb. The only thing that I don’t like about the lamp is its price. at $525 dollars, you may only consider buying this lamp as a quirky heir loom. I can only imagine that future generations that inherit the lamp will automatically try to glue the bird to a perch of some kind just because it doesn’t look quite right laying dead.

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