The Sky Roadster by Saturn

The SKy by Saturn

The Sky by Saturn

Object: Saturn Sky

Manufacturer: Saturn


Category: Automotive

Price: $29,000

Lust Factor: Warm

Description: OK, there is no doubt whet it comes to cars, I don’t know shit… but I know how I feel. And when I came up with this site concept feeling was paramount. I had to be instantly attracted to the product, like an addiction, for the product to go on the site. This is how I feel about the Sky, except even better still, the Sky is reasonably priced as crack is. The leather enteriors, and the way the body responds to the seat back, in particular, respond to the nostalgia of driving fast. So, quite honestly, I don’t care what the performance is. It just makes me look like a million dollars for only $29,000.

In the future, I’ll introduce a few cars that are essentially in the same visual class that are an average price of 10 times the amount of this car. How is this possible?

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