The Nike Plus iPod Running System

The Nike+ iPod Running System

Object: The Nike+ iPod Running System

Manufacturer: Nike ipod


Category: Sports and Recreation

Price: $500+

Lust Factor: Warm

Description: A lot of people have written this up, but I can’t help but mention this awesome piece of equipment. Why do I like it so? It creates a competitive videogame like environment around something completely physical. I think this may get more people out running, and so the design goes one step towards benefitting mankind in its promotion of physical fitness through design.
The Nike+ iPod System is the first product in a long time that made me want to take up a sport that never appealed to me. They make it a game or competition for everyone, which is really appealing. Also, fidgeting with data is so much fun. The user interface of the whole system works terribly well on top of everything. The missing ingredient for me is this: I’m a cyclist. Cyclists like to know grades and elevations, and heart rates, and cadences. Actually, come to think of it, that’s a lot of tough problems that the ipod would really never be suited for.

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