The Maybach

Maybach Exterior

Maybach Interior

Back in 1999, a friend of mine an I were commissioned to design a temporary landscape to promote an automobile which was to sit within the landscape. The auto was the Maybach, and the location of the landscape was the terrace of a 19th century casino in Monaco. The event was an annual rich person’s convention, and this car was one of their centerpieces of the convention. This is a world I never knew existed until we got this project.

So what’s so special about this car? First, it’s built like a custom home. The buyer goes to the design studio and chooses dozens of options for the car. Second, the car uses innovative technology. For instance, the roof is almost completely glass. To shade the passanger from the sun, the glass is polarized so that the glass turns translucent or opaque with the flick of a switch. Third, It’s safe and comfortable as hell. It weighs several tons and is built like a train, so the passengers stand a relatively good chance in an accident. I also like it because it’s one of those products that no one has heard of except billionaires which I find weird.

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