The Flatpack Rug by Big-Game: Functional Furniture for the Transient Fashionista

The Flatpack Rug by Big-Game Design: Functional Furniture for the Transient Fashionista

Flatpack is a tufted wool rug by Big-Game, a Swiss and Belgian design house. The rug concept was born from the idea of taking a simple cardboard box and flattening it out so that each tab of the box spreads to make a rug.  I like this simply because it exploit an already interesting form of the box. I guess where I fall a bit short with liking this design entirely is I was really hoping you could turn this fabulous rug into a box, so in a sense, the rug could easily carry itself along with whatever you want to put into it. The design ends up being visual mimicry rather than functional mimicry which somehow slightly degrades the design in my mind.

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