The Earset 2 by Bang and Olufsen

The Earset 2 by Bang and Olufsen

Object: The Earset 2

Manufacturer: Bang and Olufsen


Category: Consumer Technology

Price: $200

Lust Factor: Warm

Description: The new Bang and Olufsen Earset 2 is everything you would expect from BO. They build this device out of black plastic and brushed aluminum to create their signature styling. Of course, the striking visual design is the baseline for this company. The real exciting prospects of the Earset 2 comes from the speaker and the mic. The mic is extremely sensitive, and is able to capture even your whisper. The speaker, as BO does, allows richer bass to pull through. I really don’t know how important it is to pick up a realistic voice from a cell phone, but this would work perfectly using Skype.

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