The Dosh All-Polymer Wallet Doesn’t Leave You All Wet

Dosh All-Polymer Wallet

Dosh All-Polymer Wallet under water faucet

A couple of weeks ago, Dosh sent me an anoucment to me. I spent some time on the site, and I must admit that I really like the wallet. The designers of the product have developed a clear and compelling site to promote their product which I think on its own might have been overlooked. What Dosh has done here is create a well designed wallet where they thought of a number of things that are often neglected in wallets such as water resistance or where you might put your keys. OK, so it’s a wallet, WTF? I’ll tell you WTF. What’s even more compelling than the wallet is their imagery of the wallet. The website features images of the wallet under a faucet. It’s a brilliant way to make the idea stick. Now you know your money and cards will be safe if you can run it under a faucet. The wallet immediately establishes its credibility, aesthetics, and key differentiating feature in one simple picture. I give Dosh an A+, and I hope their sales are brisk.

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