The Doorknob Lightbulb: A Bright Idea found at Core 77

I’m just in a cranky mood today. I saw this product a few minutes ago, and it made me think of the years of stupidity we’ve seen in American design today. Not this design, but the lack of doorknob innovation. See, I like this design. It immediately makes me think of something I’ve seen my mom do for years which is she fumbles with her house keys in the dark to find the right one. If only there were a light built in to the doorknob…I’ve seen key rings with similar solutions, but the doorknob solution is intrinsically more elegant simply because you don’t have to fumble with yet one more item while looing for the right key. All this begs a furthur question which is why haven’t we been able to get rid of the traditional key altogether? I should be able to swipe my credit card.

A light’s gonna shine in my back door(knob) someday – Core77

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