The Diamond Zinc Vase By Tampopo for Eboniste

The Diamond Zinc Vase By Tampopo available at Eboniste

First, I’d like to say that we have awarded out first ever email newsletter contest prize which I will discuss in a couple of weeks in a more formal post. She was ecstatic to win, and I can’t thank her enough for signing up. She was also kind enough to tip me on one of her favorite design companies called eboniste. Eboniste is what what I would call a luxurious fantasy design company. That is, their work paints this fantasy of a certain time and place. To me it feels like a colonial Caribbean of whitewashed wood clapboard buildings with wide porches. The items in this collections accent the the white by providing a deep ebony tint. One of my favorite pieces from the various collections on eboniste is the diamond zinc vase. The patina of the vase just makes me daydream on how they achieved such a rich color. Well done!

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