The D-TK10 Speakers from Onkyo

The Onkyo D-TK10 speakers

Object: The D-TK10 Speakers

Manufacturer: Onkyo


Category: Consumer Technology

Price: $1990

Lust Factor: Warm

Description: When is a speaker like a musical instrument? When it’s built like a musical intrument. This was Onkyo’s goal when it started to design the D-TK10. Onkyo worked with guitar maker, Takamine, to create a speaker that would resonate as if it were an instrument using Takamine’s Acoustic Voicing Technology. This required painstaking experimentation. Guitars get their warm, characteristic sound by the thickness of the walls of the body and the pattern of stiffeners glued to the inside of the guitar. Onkyo and Takamine had to tweek this an ungodly amount of times until they hit it right.
In effect, Onkyo has created an entirely new instrument. The rosewood body is as gorgeous as a finely crafted guitar. Having built one crappy classical guitar myself, I realize just how profound this accomplishment is. At $2000, this pair of speakers seem like a bargain.

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