The Cartier LOVE Ring

The Cartier LOVE Ring: High Fashion and Contemporary Design

Cartier has looked to the past to find their new LOVE collection. The design, originally from one of their collections in the 1970s works like this: the ring has screws around the perimeter of the band and the tighter you turn the screws the more you love. Is that right? It seems to me that proving your love by physical pain is something that happens to me on a daily basis, so I don’t really need a ring to help me do this. Still, it’s a beautiful ring. And, it comes with an equally beautiful website that is devoted exclusively to this ring. If you can’t afford one of these rings, at least check out the website because it’s a trip. Cartier has asked a series of well known filmmakers to create a drama wrapped around the theme of the love ring. The films are quite beautiful. Cartier has even gone as far as creating a national LOVE day which was June 8 (sorry I missed it!). Expect to pay a few thousand depending on the metal and the number of diamonds you choose.

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