The 2006 Ford GT

The 2006 Ford GT

Object: The 2006 Ford GT
Designer/Manuacturer: Ford


Category: Automotive

Price: $155,000 +/-
Lust Factor: Hot

Description: The Ford GT is the the retro high-end exotic equivalent to every other car company in 2006. But comparisons are not needed with the high end exotics, at least to me. To me fast is fast and sexy is sexy. Usually I judge the cars by a cost to will-it-get-me-laid ratio. At over $150,000, the price is a bit steep, but it should do the trick.

I’m really only mentioning this car because I have a soft spot in my heart for American sportscars. This one, quite honestly, is a bit stripped down and simple. The shifting and controls are extremely simple, obvious, and beautiful. Even though it’s been out for a year, I wanted to mention it because it will not be coming back, and a purchase of a 2006 Ford GT is a purchase of American history.

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