MyYour Furniture

The MyYour collection is a relatively young furniture company with a great deal of skill in not only crafting unique products but also presenting those products in the best possible light. And speaking of light… The Community table and chairs, which combines to make one monolithic form when not in use, has a beautiful detail […]


Sancal Founded in the early 1970s, Sancal has always had a clear concept of upholstery and occasional furniture. Its products have a timeless air where pure simple lines are underscored by an unrivalled attention to detail. Over the years, the company has become consolidated and the brand Sancal has be promoted around the world. The […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Nedda El-Asmar

Nedda El-Asmar studied jewellery design and silversmithing. Nedda explores a world of seemingly simple shapes, ideally refined or oddly baroque, mixing classic elegance and a modern approach in a well-balanced, creative manner. Nedda El-Asmar has already won several awards and was elected ‘designer of the year 2007’ by Interieur Foundation/ Weekend-Knack / Weekend-LeVif/L’Express, Belgium. In […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : L’Anverre

L’Anverre is a multi-disciplinary art collective that has been active since 1986 within the field of art, design and projects for tolerance. Creating art and developing design is the fruit of a common effort. The selection of handmade glass and ceramic containers, the umbellate parasol show us the wide variety of creative media L’Anverre tends […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Bram Boo

As an independent designer, Bram Boo, regularly works with Belgian and international manufacturers and brands. By disturbing the usual rules, he aspires to create new ideas and emotions, with a focus on simplicity, function and aesthetic values. Bram Boo is going to present a new range of office furniture called Homeland, composed of a chair, […]