High-Line NYC


It’s been two years since I’ve visited the High Line in the Chelsea District and Meat Packing District of New York. Since my last visit, a couple of remarkable things have happened: One to me and one to the High Line. I had a stroke of luck to have an image I took of the […]

3 Great Design Shops:


Here’s the deal: I forgot to write down these three showroom names. But if you just walk around SoHo you’re bound to find these three stores. Up First, a $17,000 hanging paradise made of such great quality that there is basically no maintenance required. They make a dog size as well. Much cheaper. Does your […]

Moooi and B&B Italia showrooms


The showroom located in Soho is about as cool as it can get. B&B Italia and Moooi bring you about all you would ever need to increase the design insanity level of your home. And I have to say, the staff in both B&B Italia and Moooi are absolutely fantastic, helpful, kind.

Tom Dixon NYC 2012


Tom Dixon skips the ICFF this week to open up an ambitious pop up shop? You bet. I went there first thing on Thursday, and I think I may have gotten there too early because there was no items to be bought. But what I can tell you is I’ve seen the most beautiful acid […]

urbanSHED International Design Competition

NYC is sponsoring a design competition focused on re-inventing the construction sheds that cover sidewalks all over New York. The competition brief claims that over a million linear feet of the shed structures exist at any given time around the city. I’m really looking forward to the entrants simply because this is one design problem […]