sungho lee: LED pin

I saw the clothespin light, and I wondered to myself, “OK, it’s a clothespin and a light. So what?”. Now it all makes sense after seeing this image. sungho lee: LED pin.

Taikkun’s Tibetan tourists’ prayer-powered LEDs – Core77

This is cute, but I wish it could be serious. I’m afraid a prayer wheel would never actually generate a huge amount of power to allow for much use in the temple. Today’s modern monks are in need of more and more power and would probably require that at least two monks per temple are […]

Mobile Light by Kyouei Design

I’ve covered the work of Kyouei Design, but in May I had the opportunity to see all of their products featured at the ICFF in New York. Their work is just so incredibly simple and clever. For instance, their latest design, the Mobile Light is three simple beams and a thin wire. Each beam is […]