NatureToWear by Ldesign

Nature to Wear

  Nature to Wear by L Design is one of those pieces of jewelry that annoys me because the title has got this almost naive irony in that the way the ring is constructed is not natural at all. Extracting metal from the earth is on the highest order of technology that snubs nature over […]

Growing Jewelry by Hafsteinn Juliusson

Looking to get a little more green in your life? You could plant some grass in your back yard, or you could just buy one of these rings by Hafsteinn Juliusson. One ring is sort of the brass knuckles for greenies. I can imagine a new brand of superhero who respects the environment by punching […]

Sunflower Diamond Necklace by Harry Winston

Harry Winston, as you may know, creates the most insane and fantastic diamond jewelry know to man. The proceeds from the sale of some of the Winston necklaces could probably run a small country for a good length of time. It is that opulent. I personally do not practice flaunting excess, but that’s because I’m […]