ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Nedda El-Asmar

Nedda El-Asmar studied jewellery design and silversmithing. Nedda explores a world of seemingly simple shapes, ideally refined or oddly baroque, mixing classic elegance and a modern approach in a well-balanced, creative manner. Nedda El-Asmar has already won several awards and was elected ‘designer of the year 2007’ by Interieur Foundation/ Weekend-Knack / Weekend-LeVif/L’Express, Belgium. In […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : L’Anverre

L’Anverre is a multi-disciplinary art collective that has been active since 1986 within the field of art, design and projects for tolerance. Creating art and developing design is the fruit of a common effort. The selection of handmade glass and ceramic containers, the umbellate parasol show us the wide variety of creative media L’Anverre tends […]