ora watch by alexandros stasinopoulos

This really is one of the freshest and most novel concepts for a watch I’ve seen in a while. The watch by Alexandros Stasinopoulos portrays three intertwined tape measures that move with the time. I have not quite figured how to describe the relation between time and space, but I’m sure there is one. I’ve […]

Clock by Simon Lumb Not Fully Baked

I saw this clock on one of the design blogs, and I fell for it. The simplicity is commendable. The clock face is soothing in it’s movements. Then, I watched the you tube video on Mr. Lumb’s site, and I developed a slightly different opinion of this time piece. Here’s my insignificant complaint: at certain […]

QLOCKTWO: everyone else posted this, why not me?

I really don’t think anyone goes out looking for a clock anymore. So, to realy differentiate yourself in the time telling business you have to make something like qlocktwo. it uses this weird letter matrix to spell out the time in five minute intervals. And it does this at the low price of twelve hundred […]

Designer Profile: 7760 / Ryan Harc

Ryan Harc is one of those designers whose mind you want to explore to find true brilliance.  The product concepts he creates such as the A vases shown above exhibit  extreme cleverness but with a restraint that can only be found in very few designers of his caliber. The vase above is perfect for a […]

Designer Profile: Sander Mulder

Over the years, Sander Mulder has grown to become an international operating design studio, which specializes in the field of furniture-, lighting- and interior design. Our characteristic designs have left their traces in homes, galleries and museums all over the world. via About | Sander Mulder.