Designer Profile: Weltevree

“Weltevree is a Dutch product label. Weltevree develops and produces authentic products for the living environment. Appliances that satisfy our primary desires: distinctive, original and of excellent quality. Weltevree was born out of the need to make these products accessible to all.” That’s their hook. My hook is yet another masterful design studio with a […]

Furniture at 100% Norway 2008

There are so many special pieces that will be shown at 100% Norway that it’s too hard to talk about them all. Probably my favorite piece is The white Origami Chair shown as the second to last image. This chair is designed by So Takahashi and is a made of plate and bar steel with […]

Designer Profile: Karl Zahn

I know nothing about Karl Zahn except that months ago he sent me an email wondering if I might feature his stuff, and he is a genius. Why a genius? Just take a look at some of his clever product designs: How about cleat 2, a new outlet cover design that is actually a hell […]

Cardboardesigns – Recycled Cardboard Furniture

I used to have a friend in college who had no money to speak of. How did he decorate his apartment? With cardboard furniture. At the time, this seemed strange to me. Then, I realized after sitting on this furniture on many occasions, that cardboard as furniture or houseware is light, compact, easy to move, […]

DISGUINCIO: Designer Profile

disguincio® produces design objects, with unconventional lines that adhere to criteria of wellbeing, sensations, and interpersonal relations. It is inspired by art rather than interior design and is suitable for community areas such as airports, swimming pools, discos, hotels, wellness centres, gyms, and home cinemas, where often the impact of objects has not yet stirred […]

Zipshape- A Simple Technique for Creating Complex Furniture

Zipshape is a technique developed by Schindlersalmeron that allows for curved surfaces to be made in furniture with creating costly molds or setting up cumbersome steaming chambers. The designs get their curves by the interlocking teeth that make up the top and bottom of the furniture piece. The furniture gets its curviture by varying the […]

Noticed: The Plastic Chair Reconsidered

Yet another Dwell post referred. Thank you Brian Fichtner for putting together the very post I’ve wanted to write. My title was tenantively: “The Plastic Garden Chair: What the Fuck?” There is an amazing trend to redesign and modify this simplest and cheapest of iconic chairs. I call it the deer antlers of 2008. People […]

Perch Ergonomic Furniture for Primary Schools by Simon Dennehy

Perch, a furniture concept by Simon Dennehy, is one of those aha! ideas that you wonder why you have not seen this concept sooner. The Perch system is comprised of a table and a chair that have been expertly contoured to meet a massively lacking area of furniture design. There is an endless host of […]

Mixko: A World of Undiscoverd Similarities

Mixko, as their namesake indicates, is a  company that mixes multiple unlike things together to come up with completely new meanings. They look at an object like a whistle, for instance, and say, “Hey, if the scale of that whistle were multiplied in size by, like four hundred times, then that whistle would make a […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Mathias Claerhout

Mathias Claerhout is a self-made man who likes to bring together different materials to come to esthetical and high quality products. His design company, Mathias Claerhout Furniture, aims to distribute his in- and outdoor furniture on an international market. Its most important product is the high quality Deckhopper. ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Mathias Claerhout