Students from Beckmans Make a Splash at the stockholm Furniture Fair

I’m going to give away secrets: The way to find the freshest stuff on earth is to always be checking out the design schools the world over. Beckmans is one of the best. Below is some student work from the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair. Both items are furniture finished in white. One piece is a […]

Expandable bookcase design – Core77

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of these expandable book shelves, but this bookshelf is maybe the most elegant solutions I’ve seen. It eexpands from completely closed to wide open without looking either too cheap or too high techy. In fact, at any level of expansion, it looks like a piece of art. Maybe […]

Kartell – Lovely Rita Bookshelf

Lovely Rita is not just a meter maid. It is, for some inexplicable reason, also a bookshelf designed for Kartell by Ron Arad. I’m assuming Mr. Arad is a Beatles fan judging by his pieces names, because no matter how I slice it, I don’t see how this piece relates to “Lovely Rita”. But look […]