The pope makes graffiti

I’m not sure what to make of this but I love pope shwag and I love graffiti. I just can’t help myself!

ZEVS Makes Big Brands Bleed (Visually)

ZEVS, a French based street artists has made his mark as the man who makes the logos of big brands bleed. His term is “visual kidnapping”. The term refers to stealing a brand’s effectiveness by visually altering the meaning of the brand in the public realm. I urge you to read the interview I’ve included, […]

Wallpaper* Selects – Art – – International Design Interiors Fashion Travel

Wallpaper has incited an impressive collection of photo shoots over the years, so why not capitalize on their fantastic collection by offering a number of their best shots in a limited printing. Photography collectors take notice! The first collection includes images by Jonathan de Villiers, Mauricio Alejo, Jonathan Frantini, Christopher Griffith, Stefan Ruiz, Daniel Stier, […]

Pillowig by JooYoun Paek

JooYoun Paek may be one of the most innovative designers I’ve seen in a long time. Her project range from the practicle to the insane. But the thread that ties her projects together is each product solves very practical problems in garishly bold ways. There are so many ingenious products that this woman has made, […]

Plates from Domestic

Domestic, a French based housewares design company started in 2005, has asked several internationally known up and coming artists to create a fantastical collection of  plates which bring more excitement to any food added. The graphic nature of each plate is pervaded by a street sensabilty and color punch you in the face feeling. As […]