Table garden brings new perception to the dining table.

Table Gardens by DeCastelli

I saw this at Yatzer, and I really appreciated the above piece for where it brought my imagination.  The piece by metal garden furniture DeCastelli is not meant to be a dining table, I don’t think. I think it’s meant as pure vision of landscape on a miniature scale. But it occurred to me that this design could make a perfect dining experience. The mountains and the forest represented in this work could bring new rituals and new sensations to a dining experience. For instance, the plant could be a fragrant herb used to complement the food’s flavors. The mountains could be perfect vessels to cook Indian breads or simply to remind the eater where their food comes from. Maybe new forms of dining tables could arise based on the way their structures interact with the cuisine presented to them.

The small gardens of DeCastelli | yatzer | Design Architecture Art Fashion +more.

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