Sunday Styles Watch: July 15, 2007

I read New York Times’ Sunday Styles each week, and I thought I might try an experiment where I feature all the advertised products in one monthly post. I almost always love every product that is advertised here, so why not consolidate this information into one brief post? Also, I’ll be able to see which brands are stepping up by the appearance of their advertising in the NYT. Please let me know if I’m an idiot.

The Gucci Black and Gold Platform shoe available at

The Gucci Black and Gold Platform shoe available for $635 from I’d like to see my wife in these!

Anne Fontaine Spring Summer 2007 Collection

Definitely worth seeing is this season’s collection of Anne Fontaine. Here work is simple and sexy, and each of her pieces seem fresh but accessible. I’m in love. BTW, the website is lovely.

Graff Diamonds of London: Bling Done Right

Graff Diamonds of London is the place to go for those in the need of some serious bling.

David Yurman Jewelry

Here’s a simple, elegant design from David Yurman. I can’t tell if it’s perfectly retro or just grandmotherish. Maybe both.

Mikimoto Pearls

What could be sexier than a pearl necklace by Mikimoto? I’m starting to see a trend here. I’m guessing the demographics of the typical New York Times reader is a Goldman Sachs employee.

Chanel J12 Watch: tell the time for 20 Gs

And if the Goldman Sachs employee needs to tell time? Go for the Chanel J12.

fendi zucca bag: a bargain at a thousand dollars available at eLuxury

After seeing such amazing opulence, the Fendi Zucca Bag available at eLuxury seems almost a bargain at a grand.

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Summer 2007

Ralph Lauren has taken out a full page ad for their Blue Label Summer collection. Now that summer is coming to a close, the Martinique collection is on sale. For instance, this T-shirt pictured above is on sale for $99 marked down from $125. What a bargain!

The Love Ring by Cartier is feature on page 6 which I have already covered a while back. It is quite lovely. Cartier, if you’d like to send me a sample, I’m game.

Miu Miu Summer 2007: Possibly some of the hotest fashion designs I've ever seen.

I. I. I… (catch your breath, Brandon!) Miu Miu is a fashion brand that just does it for me. I’m including a picture from their Summer 2007 collection that is a masterpiece of fashion photography. The image is hot, fresh, nostalgic, jaw dropping… it just gets to me. I’m sorry that this may be inappropriate to some readers, but when I look at Miu Miu fashion I get a stirring… down there. It makes me grunt.

The Chloe Blue Hemp Toile Shirtwaister

The Chloe Blue Hemp Toile Shirtwaister is about the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. The whole spring collection from Chloe is a bit on the retro side, and each piece looks perfectly selected for pregnant women. But, according to my wife, the pregnant look is in this season. I would tend to agree.

devi kroell clutch handbag available at target for $30

It’s a really beautiful day out today, so I’ve decided to skip the smaller ads and just get to the back page: Target. Yes. You heard me right. That hub of style has invited Devi Kroell to step in and take over a collection which is prominently displayed as a full page ad on the back of the Styles section. Devi’s own collections are quite lovely. They’re a bit garish for my tastes, though. So, it’s nice to find that I like the Target collection even better then her own couture collection. By the way, the price is right on the Target collection at only $30 for this clutch handbag shown above. Whoa!

That was pretty fun, but I’d rather linger over one product than write a short sentence about several products. This experiment may be a failure. If you only knew how much time it took to get here. Ugh.

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