Sunday Props: Up To You

Bed Springs Sold at Up To You

I recently got an email announcing a new and really cute design shop called Up To You. It recently opened in Toronto, Canada by brother and sister team: Bill and Dimitra Doufekas. They described their new shop in an email to me:

“The idea behind our shop was to create a voyeuristic experience for our customer, therefore changing their patterns of choice. As a buyer my goal is to carefully choose designers from around the world, talk to them about their ideas and purchase pieces that promote individuality amidst a world of cookie-cutter imagery and products. Consequently, the majority of what we sell can only be found in our shop in Canada.”

They certainly have drawn together a well curated and interesting product group, one of which I show above called the Bed Spring. It’s a piece that reuses car parts such as the shock springs, and creates a whole new paradigm in how we sleep.

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