Sunday Props: Paola’s Question About My Job Board

job-a-matic: create your own job board

Paola has written me a couple of weeks back asking about the Design Crack Job Board. You didn’t know we had a job board? We do! Check this out. Paola, and anyone with a relatively popular website can create a job board of their own as well. Just go to Job-a-matic, and sign up. It’s a great tool for people looking for jobs in a particular niche. For instance, our job board only shows design jobs (with the exception of a few non-design jobs that fall through the cracks). Design Crack, in theory could make a little extra money by displaying design jobs that are referred through my site. To be quite honest, Design Crack is not quite popular enough to make this job board very useful, however a specialized site with good traffic could really benefit adding a job board.

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