Sunday Props: Housing Block in Izola, Slovenian by Ofis Architects

Housing Block in Izola, Slovenian by Ofis Architects

I’m starting a section every Sunday that I’ll call “Sunday Props” where I give some shouts out to the people who have emailed me their favorite projects or products. I have unfortunately collected about ten from people, but I’ve been putting off posting. Forgive me.

This post is from a tip from Mike who sent me his post on Trend Hunter where he writes about a funky housing project in Izola, Slovenia. Mike doesn’t give me a whole lot of information for the project, and I won’t either, but I do highly suggest checking out the Ofis Website. The projects are outstanding. I know nothing of Slovenia except that I did a long overnight train ride through it where they had nice border crossing guards wake me up at three in the morning. After seeing Ofis’ work, I’m thinking I need to book a ticket to Ljubljana as soon as I can and learn more. For instance, check out their City Museum extension. It’s some of the most exciting work I’ve seen going on anywhere.

City Museum Extension, Ljubljana by Ofis

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