Stop the Presses! Maison Margiela launches an interior collection

Maison Margiela Interior Design

I don’t know if I should be pissed off or in love after reading this post at Wallpaper*. Why should I care? For one, the fashions from Maison Margiela pushes the limits of what I should wear into a mysterious abstract art. Although I feel they rule the edge of excitement in fashion, why is it that fashion houses feel so inclined to enter new territories such as interior and furniture design? Although this concept can work, I feel that often times fashion brands feel the pressure of making more and more money by expanding their brands to any object they can get a hold of rather than sticking with their core skills. The result is a future that holds Maison Margiela branded tube socks and coffee cups. Of course, if these objects actually existed I would be buying. I ain’t gonna lie.

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