Sterling Silver Spiny Clamshell by D.L. and Company

The Clamshell Pin by D.L. and Co.

D.L. and Company have created some of the most curious objects that I’ve ever seen. The spiny clamshell definitely sits high in this category. I really do like this pendant, however I must admit that I think it looks like a production mistake. I mean, look at it. I can somehow imagine the designer visiting the foundry where it was made and saying to him or herself, “Damn, this piece has to be in production in two days! Let’s go with it and call it a ‘spiny clamshell’ and nobody will know the difference. After all, we sell at Barneys. We could sell a piece of stale bread for 100 bucks there!” Even though I think it’s a mistake, it is still very cute. Accidents sometimes turn out happy.

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