Spoon with Pin by Lukas Huber for Faces Design

Spoon with Pin by Faces Design

Spoon with Pin by Faces Design

Object: Spoon with Pin

Designer: Lukas Huber
URL: http://www.facesdesign.com

Category: Consumer Technology
Price: approximately $25

Lust Factor: Warm

Description: I wanted to say “hot” on this item, but I refrained because how hot could a spoon be? The spoon seems simple enough, but the concept is revolutionary: design a spoon where aromatic herbs are held close to your nose as you eat. That is what the pin is for… to hold the herbs. I think this is a shift in eating that I have never seen before. Now, we have the opportunity to experience food by introducing a fragrance without necessarily using the herb as an ingestible ingredient. I highly suggest taking a look at the faces design website because Lukas Huber has created several other products that test eating boundaries and have fun with utensils.

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