Snow Print Ceramic Tile Concept by Tuukka Tujula and Maija Puoskari

Snow Print Ceramic Tile Concept by Tuukka Tujula

These are two young designers who’s names I cannot pronounce but whose design concepts I immediately get. Both Tuukka Tujula and Maija Puoskari are members of the design collective JuJu Design Party, a Finnish group with a massive amount of talent. I’ll be featuring a number of designs and concept from their collective in the next few weeks, but today I start with the Snow Print Ceramic Tile. What I love about this is the funny scenario I’ve concocted for this happy accident. Imagine the designers in their studio making ceramic tiles when their dog walks in a steps on their freshly made work! Damn. Tile ruined… wait a sec. Glaze the tiles pure white and the paw prints look like freshly tread snow. Ah! The hard ceramic instantly becomes dematerialized into soft. pure snow. Is it a happy accident? The only thing I find weird about the concept are the tiles ability to collect fuzz balls in those little paw prints. Not the most functional tile, I’d think, but beautiful none the less.

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