Smittens by Wendy Feller

Smittens by Wendy Feller: Mittens for Couples

I’ve been combing through the latest ID Magazine and I’ve found a number of pieces that were extremely compelling. One of my favorites is Smittens by Wendy Feller. They couldn’t be more aptly named. These are mittens for couples who are smitten (sorry for the obvious observation). This seems like such unique novelty design at first glance. After all, most products are designed with a single person using the product at a given time. Then it occurred to me that my wife and I hold hands all the time. San Francisco is pretty cold, too. I soon found myself able to count dozens of times in my head when this invention would have come in extremely handy. I must admit, there would be the argument made by sullen singles that is: why don’t you both have your own pair of mittens and just hold mittens? True, but you definitely retain more heat with the three mitten scenario. I must admit, a couple would have to be awfully overt about how much they want to proclaim their love for each other wearing the Smittens. In fact, when I think about it a bit, the Smittens almost seem like a device that marriage councilors would assign to their patients as punishment for hating each other. What do you think? Are couples that wear these things madly in love or desparately trying to save their marriage?

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